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Next Step• The Design goes through a review until it is finalized. • After the glass is cut out, there is another review to accept the design and glass choice. • When the custom project is completed, the final balance is due. • Thank you and Enjoy the New Art Glass Window!
• Meeting and discussing the desired project in mind. • Creating a design and bid for review/approval. Depending on design complexity and material cost, Minimum custom order is $250. • Upon signed acceptance, there is a required 50% down payment to begin the order, 50% on completion. • If the custom project needs installing, a separate bid for an experienced installer will be required.
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After many years of seeing art glass as a hobby, I decided to create an income at what I did best, my passion, what made me happy to work. I opened my own retail store with custom glasswork, teaching classes and selling supplies.Designing and selling patterns in my store helped to create the 5 patternbooks that have been selling for the last 15 years.With ever changing times and styles,inspiration for a new pattern book came by this new young generation,“In the Mood for Tattoo”, The desire to express gratefulness for our freedom we have in this time inspired “For the Love of Freedom”.My choice to follow my passion for Art Glass has enriched my life beyond my wildest imagination. I am thankful every day for the opportunity to share this world with all the inspirations and the people that I meet. It’s still leading me to keep experiencing something new everyday and sharing it makes it a gift for a lifetime. 
In 1979, I took a beginner’s class in stained glass. I was so excited for the potential of working with this medium, couldn’t sleep. Just kept thinking of all I could do with the beauty of art glass as a medium. It seemed so natural to want to keep creating more projects.Within a year I was making Art Glass pieces for sale. Inspiration comes from many things, visual inspiration turned into a design in glass, wishes to create a gift to help someone be happy, the sense of choosing how to create a masterpiece, the joy of being a creator of art in glass. My design style is open to whatever style the project brings to me.
Balloon Odyssey 14.5”w x 18”h
Angel 29.5”w x 34”h
Rose Oval 13.5”w x 17”h
Rose Iris Garden 18”w x 22”h
Victorian Heart 14”w x 26”h
Eagle Pursuit 20”w x 10”h
Iris Beauty 12”w x 32”h
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Cross Bevel Set $42.29: 4 - 2 1/4” star bevels 3 - 1 3/4” x 3” sm bevel diamonds 1 - 2” x 6” lg bevel diamond 1 - 1.5” x 1.5” square bevel 3 - 30mm x 15mm navette jewels 1 - 42mm x 20mm navette jewel